Distractions While Writing

How to Avoid Distractions While Writing

Writing on a computer is fun, but distractions can easily creep in. The internet, email, apps, video calls – you name it. All of these can lengthen your workday and lower your productivity. The easiest way to avoid distractions while writing is to unplug your internet cable. However, that’s not always possible. Maybe you need […]

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how to write a great blog post

How to Tame an Unfamiliar Topic

What do you know about potato chip inspection or Halloween costumes for dogs? And yet one day you may have to write about these unfamiliar topics. If not a definitive guide, then at least an ironic blog post. As a content writer you don’t often get to choose a topic that interests you. Usually, you […]

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writing a good intro

How Not to Mess Up an Introduction

Messing up the intro is like working hard to build a house from the ground up and then forgetting to leave an opening for the door. People won’t be able to come in and see how nice it is inside. Unless of course they skip formalities and jump through the window, which most of the […]

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article writing services

What Is Evergreen Content and Why You Need It

This probably happened to you at least once. You search for something on Google. You choose the first or second link in the results. You read the content and find the answers you were looking for, and other useful things besides. You then happen to notice the year when the post was written — 2013. […]

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Article Writing Services

7 Article Writing Tips for Freelance Writers

It sounds like a great job — writing from home or while you’re traveling. But in order to be successful at article writing, there are a few things you need to consider. Before we get to that, though, it’s important to remember that as a freelance writer, your income will depend on the work you […]

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