difference between blog posts and articles

Key Differences Between Blog Posts and Articles

In your career as a content writer, you’ve probably had to deal with clients who didn’t know the difference between blog posts and articles. But while it’s okay for them to confuse these two popular writing forms, it’s definitely not okay for you to do the same. After all, you’re the one who’ll be doing […]

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Distractions While Writing

How to Avoid Distractions While Writing

Writing on a computer is fun, but distractions can easily creep in. The internet, email, apps, video calls – you name it. All of these can lengthen your workday and lower your productivity. The easiest way to avoid distractions while writing is to unplug your internet cable. However, that’s not always possible. Maybe you need […]

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Satire in writing

How to Write Satire for the Web

When something’s messy, tragic, or frustrating, complaining about it isn’t your only option. Nor do you have to keep silent. You can satirize it instead. Satire combines irony, sarcasm, and humor to criticize something, often in a witty way. It is a way of looking at things that can delight readers and raise awareness about […]

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turn ambition into success

Habits That Will Help Turn Your Ambition Into Success

Ambition has been getting a lot of stick for quite a long time. Look at some of the most popular works of fiction, particularly movies and television, and you’ll find a bunch of overly ambitious characters willing to destroy other people’s lives just to achieve their goals. They’re always the baddies who get their comeuppance […]

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