a quick guide to refreshing your website content

A Quick Guide to Refreshing Your Website Content

Your website content reflects your company and all that it stands for. If you don’t refresh it constantly, your visitors and customers will be the first to feel it. They will spend less time on your website and may even ignore your message.

Does your website pull in visitors and make them want to learn more about you?

When your content is fresh and vibrant, it can do that and more.

Why You Need to Refresh Your Website Content

Every store needs to be dusted now and then, doesn’t it? The same is true for your website. These are some of the key reasons why you need to create fresh website content.

  • Keywords become outdated or too competitive
  • New technologies like voice search are making some website menus redundant
  • Your content may no longer be aligned with your marketing goals
  • Your content may be slowing down your website (for example large, full-resolution images)
  • Your text formatting may not be mobile-friendly
  • You have changed your contact information, or added new locations
  • Your Facebook business page is no longer in tune with your website’s message
  • Your customers are asking your support team questions that your website should answer
  • Your Google rankings have dropped below your competitors

Should You Keep Old Content?

Refreshing your website doesn’t mean you have to rewrite it from scratch. You can still keep large portions of your existing content. Check it for relevancy and update and expand as needed.

When you revamp your website, condensing content can be just as important as expanding it. Does your About page use too many words to explain your story? And what about your Services page? Is it using too many words when a table or diagram could explain more clearly what you offer?

When you update your website content, focus on visual content, which is more immediate and doesn’t become easily outdated. With a visual content creator on your team, you can create a rich new experience for your team. Your mobile visitors who check your website on the go will also love you for it.

How to Create Fresh Content

Fresh content is not just new content. It’s content that adds vibrancy to your website and increases its relevancy. Also, it stays fresh through its value. So, how can you create fresh content?

  1. Define the expectations your visitors have from your website.
  2. Focus on the questions they keep asking.
  3. Factor in the emergence of voice search, which is changing the way people search online.
  4. Factor in that most web searches are now carried out on mobile.
  5. Reduce keyword densities if they are too high to improve the quality of your content – Google and other search engines have become a lot smarter at understanding what a web page is about.
  6. Outsource website content creation services if you don’t have an internal marketing team.

Focus on the Key Pages on Your Website

Every single page on your website can be a source of traffic. Every page matters. But some pages are more important than others.

  • The Homepage – More than welcoming visitors and introducing them to your company, it should sum up what you stand for. Your homepage shouldn’t be loaded with content. It should be clear and to the point.
  • The About Page – Make your company page stand out by turning it into a timeline, a narration of your history, or a gallery of images.
  • The Services Page – Focus on the information that your customers need to know before contacting you. Your sales team can provide the rest.
  • The Contact Page – Provide your address(es), a map, and a simple contact page.

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The Tone of Your Content

Your website may require a blend of different writing styles, including expository writing, narration, and description. For example, your Services Page may describe your services, while your About Page may narrate the story of your company. You may also need a good dose of copywriting.

Often, the key to creating engaging website content is to blend these styles, adapting them to the expectations visitors have from every page. Using too much copywriting for your About page could mean you are wasting an opportunity to connect with visitors through a more authentic presentation of your company.

Ways to Refresh Your Website Content

Let’s look now at some of the actual strategies you can use to freshen up your website.

  • Refresh your existing blog content, updating stats and numbers. If you have a lot of content, you can focus on your top performing posts based on views and engagement.
  • Create new content for your blog and news sections. Often, the most cost-effective way to do this is to use article writing services. Align your topics with your audience’s current concerns and the solutions you are providing. Use bulk content writing to reduce costs without compromising quality.
  • Make your content more visual and more immersive. Get a visual content creator on board or outsource infographics, charts, graphs, and slideshows to visual content creation services.
  • Reassess your website pages and mark the ones that need to be extended, updated, or rewritten. Having a look at what successful companies in your industry are doing with their websites could inspire you. Website content writing services can make everything easier. Also, outsourcing your website content writing to one provider can help you reduce your long-term website costs.
  • Improve your page titles and meta descriptions. These help keep your content fresh for search engines.
  • Create separate pages for every main service you provide. This is a great way to boost your SEO rating and to explain more clearly to customers what you can offer them. If you are providing a wide range of services, it’s a better alternative to cramming one Service page with information. Make these pages visual.
  • Add videos to your website content. Homepages with video content perform better than those without. You can incorporate videos in many ways in your website:
    • Add case studies to your Testimonials page. A presentation of your team or workplace in your About Page.
  • Add explainer videos or animated videos for your Services Pages.

You don’t need to hire an expensive production crew to add video content to your website. Simple videos that bring together images, text, and music can boost your website’s engagement and provide a great return on your investment.


Final Thoughts

Website content requires constant attention. You can’t just publish it and then forget about it. But then that’s the fate of many websites, and it’s no surprise then that their content becomes stale.

When you don’t have an internal team that can write and update website content, you may want to consider teaming up with a content writing company.

In this way, you can make sure that your website content gets the updates it needs, when it needs them.

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