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Should You Use Clubhouse for Business – Five Reasons Why It’s Worth Considering

If there’s one thing that we all needed back in 2020, it’s a sense of community. Unable to find it in the real world, we turned to social media more than ever before. In such crazy times, everyone sought support, particularly business owners.

This was when Clubhouse decided to start opening its doors to the public. Initially, it was reserved for the crème de la crème of the business world, allowing them to exchange valuable knowledge through audio chats. But now, it accepts more people looking for expert opinions on topics they care about.

If you have a Clubhouse app invite, you can sign up and join rooms and clubs that your market is a part of. You’ll often stumble upon the world’s most prominent business leaders discussing a variety of interesting topics. If the moderators allow it, you can even ask questions and participate in the conversation.

Clubhouse for business

But does this mean that the Clubhouse app is only for learning?

Not at all! Wherever there’s social media, there’s an opportunity to grow your business. And Clubhouse offers plenty.

So how can you use Clubhouse for business success? Here are some of the main ways the platform can help.

1. Expand Your Network

When it comes to online networking, LinkedIn has always been the go-to option. But if you’ve been using it for a long time, you know that a lot has changed. There are always those who try to use social media solely for promotion instead of forming true connections, and LinkedIn isn’t immune to this. As you scroll, you’re bound to see quite a bit of salesy posts without much value.

There’s no room for this on Clubhouse, at least right now. You can join clubs filled with like-minded people looking for a conversation and focus on forming relationships. Many Clubhouse members would welcome an opportunity to keep a conversation going, so you can build some fruitful relationships.

While you’re in a room, you can find new people to follow and connect with on other social platforms through their profile. And if you have something to say, you can create your own room that others can join.

Like every platform, Clubhouse will likely go through many changes. But in its current state, it’s a fantastic option for business owners looking to step up their networking game.

Clubhouse online networking

2. Grow Your Authority

The Clubhouse app was designed around influencers. Its main appeal is a chance to listen to industry experts covering the topics you’re interested in. Of course, such influencers use the app to grow and fortify their position in the market.

As the platform keeps growing, you’ll have more and more opportunities to do the same. Judging by the current trends, it’s safe to assume that Clubhouse marketing will be a thing.

You can start your own rooms, which will appear among the suggestions to those who follow related topics. Offer valuable insight, make it fun and engaging, and you can position yourself as an authority in your niche.

3. Prime Yourself for Growth

Have you ever wished that you’d joined Facebook or Instagram before things got too crowded? Well, Clubhouse might be a great way to make up for those regrets.

Every social platform makes it much easier to thrive in the early stages. Things happen organically, and you don’t have a ton of competitors fighting for the same audience.

This is exactly the stage at which Clubhouse is right now. It’s a perfect example of innovation diffusion. At the very start, only the top dogs got a chance to participate. Through invites, those with connections were able to join. Little by little, Clubhouse is attracting a massive number of users.

Granted, some elitism was still present throughout 2020, as the Clubhouse app was only available on the Apple App Store. In February 2021, the company hired Android developers, sending a message that the Clubhouse Android app is on its way, so finally in May 2021, the app became available on Google Play Store.

If you’re considering Clubhouse, don’t wait too long. This could the perfect time to jump on board and ride the wave of the platform’s growth.

4. Play to Your Audience’s Needs

Imagine you’re in a Zoom meeting, except you don’t have to worry about how you look or whether you’re muted when your toddler realizes they haven’t heard Baby Shark for a full hour. These are precisely the blessings that Clubhouse offers.

Much like you, your audience is suffering from screen fatigue. If you need proof, just look at how podcasts are doing. According to Statista, they’ve never been more popular.

statistic podcasts

Source: Statista

It’s clear that people want some time away from their screens while still being able to learn something new. Clubhouse lets you meet this need in both yourself and your audience. Whether you want to educate or entertain them, you can do so in a way they want you to.

5. Build Trust and Keep People Loyal

According to McKinsey’s recent report, 75% of customers switched brands one or more times during the COVID pandemic.


Because the brands they chose helped them overcome the uncertainty and chaos. In other words, such brands earned people’s trust and provided security.

In 2021, the trend of prioritizing trust and genuine connections will continue. And Clubhouse can be a powerful tool for making this happen. It allows you to build a community in a way that we haven’t seen before. By inviting people to your rooms and hosting regular engaging talks, you can keep growing and nurturing your community, keeping your audience loyal.

Clubhouse social media marketing

Explore New Opportunities

As you can see, there are many good reasons why people are considering Clubhouse for business purposes. If used wisely, the app can do wonders for your marketing, authority, and general growth.

We’re likely to see Clubhouse evolve further with new features and capabilities. All those features will present new opportunities to make your voice heard, literally and figuratively.

If you’re an avid marketer or entrepreneur, Clubhouse is surely an app to watch. Think about how you can leverage its potential, and you’re likely to uncover lots of fresh marketing tactics.