actionable content

10 Ways to Make Your Content More Actionable

What do you want your audience to do after viewing your content? Forget about it and move on to another site or learn more about your brand? That’s the difference between engaging content and content for content’s sake. Making your audience respond to your content means more than using calls to action. It’s not a […]

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blockchain social media

How Will Blockchain Influence Social Media Marketing

2017 was a year we are unlikely to forget anytime soon. Donald Trump officially started his presidency on January 20 and his, often controversial, viewpoints and policies will create reverberations which will likely impact the world at large for decades to come. In October, sexual harassment allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein came to light […]

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content marketing editorial calendar

A Quick Guide to Creating Your First Editorial Calendar

This blog post or that social media update – which should I publish first? And what about that marketing newsletter? Should it come before or after that product video gets published on YouTube? Answering all these questions becomes easier if you have a content marketing editorial calendar. Even if you’re running a small business and […]

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visual content marketing

How to Create Better Visual Content

Why describe it when you can show it? That’s visual content marketing in a nutshell. Learn more about the power of visual content and how to harness it to improve traffic, shares, and engagement. What Is Visual Content Marketing? Images, video, and graphics are easier to remember than text and are more compelling. Our brains […]

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how to advertise a business on Facebook

How Too Much Marketing on Facebook Can Hurt Your Brand

When brands want to do social media marketing, they usually go to Facebook. The world’s largest social network offers brands a wealth of marketing features. It helps them target specific audiences at the right time, using content, ads, or a mix of these. Many brands worry that they don’t market enough on Facebook. That they […]

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