visual content marketing

How to Create Better Visual Content

Why describe it when you can show it? That’s visual content marketing in a nutshell. Learn more about the power of visual content and how to harness it to improve traffic, shares, and engagement. What Is Visual Content Marketing? Images, video, and graphics are easier to remember than text and are more compelling. Our brains […]

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mobile marketing trends in 2018

How Not to Do Mobile Marketing in 2018

Will content marketing still be king in 2018? And will you need video marketing more than in 2017? And what about mobile ads? How important are they to your success? Find out all this and discover how to use mobile marketing effectively in 2018. Mobile marketing keeps evolving as marketers embrace new technologies and strategies. […]

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emotional content marketing

Emotional Content Versus Factual Content

Behind any piece of emotional content there’s usually a good story. Whether this is a story of someone overcoming challenges or only an amusing case study, it grabs our attention and arouses our curiosity. Often, the stories that emotional content tells are more persuasive than facts, however powerful these may be. Discover the power of […]

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