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How to Prepare the Right Material Before Hiring Article Writing Services

By preparing the right material before hiring article writing services you save time as well as money. What’s more, you improve your work-relation with your writers, making it more easy for them to write, and thus making your collaboration more fruitful. Here’s how to prepare the material before having a freelancer write an article for you.

Step 1 – Determine the Type of Writing You Want

Before using article writing services you need to have at the very least an outline of your requirements. The outline should make clear the scope and focus of the project. When drawing the outline you need to consider what articles you want, i.e. articles for your own website or articles for other purposes.

Step 2 – Research the Keywords

Before having a freelancer writing an article for you it’s important that you research the keywords to be used, listing them accordingly. This, of course, provided that you want SEO content. You can use services such as Google Ads Keyword Tool to research search engine queries and determine the primary and secondary keywords you want to be included in the articles.

You can also hire a provider of expert SEO services to do the proper keyword research for you. One thing to remember is that there is more to keyword research than just simple search for the terms you like.

Step 3 – Provide Multiple Samples

Using article writing services becomes much easier when the writers you hire can check some samples before getting to work. Providing samples helps you ensure that your writers will create articles in the format you want them to. You can create the sample yourself, or use existing material from other websites as a reference.

Step 4 – Compile Research Materials

You may want the freelancer who’s writing an article for you to do their research on specific resource websites. While most firms providing article writing services can do the research on their own, it’s usually best if you give them a hand. This ensures that their writing maintains the focus you’ve set for it.

The research you have to do often boils down to compiling links from the Web and giving them to your writers, who will use them as references.

Step 5 – Set Specific Rules

Once you know exactly what you want and have compiled samples and research material that will aid the writers you hire, set specific project rules. These rules apply to the length of the articles, the format of the article body and of the headlines and sub-headlines, the keyword densities, and the writing style. Determine the person, the tense, and the tone used in the writing.

While preparing the right material before hiring article writing services takes some time, it’s important that you do it. Since it helps your writers work more effectively, the end result is better articles.

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