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How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly?

An increasing number of web users are accessing their favorite websites through mobile devices, and it’s estimated that mobile searching has overtaken PC browsing for a lot of industries. If you don’t optimize your website for mobile devices, you are most likely losing visitors and potential conversions. To get back on the search results, use comprehensive yet affordable SEO services for best results, including article writing. But before you get to that, there are a few things you can do yourself.

Improve Navigation

Creating smart navigation won’t only make your website mobile friendly, but also improve the user experience for desktop users. Add categories or tabs that enable users to quickly get to a specific section of the website. A company providing affordable SEO services can offer you advice on how to best implement this.

Better Format Your Articles

To instantly attract the attention of mobile users you have to insert headings and subheadings in your articles, use bullets and numbers to organize sections within articles, and choose a legible font that most devices will display properly. You have to remember that mobile devices use tiny screens, which are not always good for reading long pieces.

So, it’s better to stick with shorter articles and to make the text as easy to read as possible. An article writing company can help you improve not only the content but also its presentation.

Use Not More Than One Image for Each Article

The internet connection most mobile devices use takes longer to load images than a desktop’s broadband. What’s more, the small screen of mobile devices doesn’t always display the image at a proper resolution. So, use as few images as possible: one striking image for each article is enough.


Many mobile devices don’t support Flash and Java, and those that do, don’t do it fully. Also, it usually takes longer to access Flash or Java content than HTML/CSS on mobile devices. For now, use only HTML/CSS for the mobile version of your website.

Once you apply the tips above, consider hiring a company that provides high-quality yet affordable SEO services, including article writing, to fully optimize your mobile website. Do this and you’ll stay ahead of the competition.