how to advertise a business on Facebook

How Too Much Marketing on Facebook Can Hurt Your Brand

When brands want to do social media marketing, they usually go to Facebook. The world’s largest social network offers brands a wealth of marketing features. It helps them target specific audiences at the right time, using content, ads, or a mix of these. Many brands worry that they don’t market enough on Facebook. That they […]

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storytelling in content marketing

The Power of Storytelling in Content Marketing

Seventy-three percent of people who hear a story remember it, compared to just 5 percent who remember statistics. You’ll probably forget this statistic in the next minute or so. Perhaps it would have been better to begin this new post with a story… Once upon a time, there was a guy on a bus heading […]

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trends in online marketing

Key Marketing Trends You Need to Follow in 2017

Dynamic, intuitive, and sometimes surprising, digital marketing trends can have a major impact on your marketing performance. Follow them at the right time, and your brand could be maximizing exposure without a big investment. But let them slip, and your competitors may get ahead of you on search engines and social media before you even […]

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facebook advertising strategy

How to Create Facebook Ads That Work

Does Facebook advertising work? It’s a question you may ask yourself if you’re thinking how to spend your digital marketing budget. The answer is simple – only if you do it right. Otherwise, you may be pouring thousands of dollars into ads and not seeing the amazing results you’re expecting. Facebook ads make it easy […]

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