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7 Article Writing Tips for Freelance Writers

It sounds like a great job — writing from home or while you’re traveling. But in order to be successful at article writing, there are a few things you need to consider. Before we get to that, though, it’s important to remember that as a freelance writer, your income will depend on the work you do for others. While you may be your own boss, when writing an article you will need to follow guidelines and meet project requirements.

That being said, there are seven things you can do to ensure you are welcome into the world of freelance writing.

1. Be Professional

Sitting in your pajamas at your desk is not professional, is it? You have probably heard the old advice about smiling when you’re on the telephone — the same thing applies when writing an article from home. If you are professional in your attitude, it is easier to be professional at work.

2. Develop Discipline

Working as a freelance writer means you can set your own schedule. But you have to have the discipline to stick to that schedule. This could mean waking early, writing for a minimum number of hours every day, or doing extra research on work-related topics you’re not familiar with. Eventually, you can improve your writing speed and workload.

3. Accept Advice and Criticism

Clients who pay you for writing an article for them often have their own ideas about the best writing style for them. Be willing to accept advice and at times, criticism, from them. This will enable you to complete all projects. Also, it could help you become a better writer in time.

4. Keep the Communication Good

Never, ever assume anything. Assuming things about projects, topics, or clients is the fastest way to have your work rejected or to receive criticism because you failed to follow directions. If instructions are in writing, follow them. If you are unclear about the objective of the instructions, ask. It’s better to ask than to have to write things over again.

5. Maintain Records

No matter how long or how often you write for a client, maintain detailed records about what you submitted and when. A project log, together with a file archive, will ensure you get paid for every project. It will also help you quickly review project guidelines for repeat clients.

6. Insist on Timely Payments

Most companies and organizations pay their freelancers on time. But sometimes, you may encounter a client who does not. Be sure to get payment information up-front and then follow up with professional inquiries if the payment is late. If a company continually pays late, you should look for another client — there are plenty around.

7. Build a Good Reputation

Find a niche for your article writing that you enjoy and become the go-to writer on that subject. Create an engaging blog, write guest posts for other sites within the same niche, and establish a strong presence on social media.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. Stay tuned for more writing tips for freelancers and content writers.