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5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Guest Blogger

Around 25% of people younger than 18 read blogs regularly, and the format has stood the test of time as one of the essential SEO methods. Companies and bloggers who focus on guest blogs can gain traffic, links, and authority. In essence, guest posting is not all that different from regular. It just requires a bit more research. The following tips can help you become a successful guest blogger.

1. Make a List of the Blogs You’d Like to Guest Post on

Begin with a selection of blogs relevant to your own. Consider the reputation of each blog, as well as its posting guidelines. You’ll probably want to focus your guest posting efforts on blogs that feature content relevant to the content on your own blog. Narrow down your list to no more than four or five authoritative blogs.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Blogs You Shortlisted

Many guest blog posts are rejected not because they are poorly written or uninformative, but simply because they do not fit the topic or don’t comply with the guidelines. Read the blogs you shortlisted, including their archive and the comments. You’ll get a better idea of what sort of content they want.

3. Provide Blogging Credentials

Guest blogging becomes easier when you can show blog owners that your own blog is successful. Successful here means having a following. Provide links to your own blog, as well as to previous guest blog posts you did, if any. Provide your credentials when you first contact a blog owner — don’t wait for them to ask.

4. Be Prepared to Do Guest Blogging for Free

Some blogs pay guest bloggers money for their posts. But most pay in links (and traffic). When you first get started with guest blogging, it’s better to expect no financial compensation for your posts. Write blog posts without demanding money in return. Once you build a reputation as a guest blogger, you’ll see how blog owners will want you to write for them, and reward you accordingly.

5. Write the Guest Posts Before Trying to Sell Them

Guest posting is easier when you have already some material to show blog owners. You don’t necessarily have to write full-length posts. It’s enough to summarize your ideas for guest posts in short pieces of say less than 150 words. If your ideas are accepted, you can then expand them.

The bottom line is that guest posting can help you build a reputation for your blog as well as improve your writing. Try to make the most of it.

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