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Writing E-Books

Writing e-books related to your website or blog can help you consolidate your position as an expert in your field, as well as bring you a side income. Learn more about the benefits of e-Books and how to write them.

Why Should You Be Writing e-Books?

Writing an e-book can be profitable whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or any other person with specialized knowledge and an online presence. Here are several reasons why you should be writing e-books.

Reuse existing content

E-Book writing is tied to article writing. The first can emerge from the second. This is not to say that your e-Book should be a copy of your website content. Only that an e-book won’t require much research because you’ve already covered the topic on your website.

Add another revenue stream

E-Books may not be as enduring as paperbacks, but they can sell in large quantities in a short interval. That means an additional revenue stream. And what’s great about e-books is that you can offer them on your website, which means you get all the money from the sales yourself.

Increase your authority

Writing e-Books is something that many bloggers do after they establish their blogs. So long as you focus on a topic of interest to many people, your e-book will boost your reputation in the eyes of your readers and fellow bloggers.

Use the format to reach to new people

Many people who read books and e-books simply don’t read blogs. When you convert your blog into an e-book, you can reach readers that you can’t through your blog alone. For many readers, the e-Book format is extremely accessible.

Outsourcing Your E-Book to a Professional Article Writing Service

When time is a constraint, you can use freelance writers for writing e-Books. Many freelancers who do article writing cover e-Book writing as well, since the two have many things in common.

Using writers to create e-Books for you is all right, but you need to consider a few essential things before outsourcing your project.

The target audience

Successful e-Books are usually written for a specific audience. For your e-Book to be successful, identify your audience and discover its needs.

The book title and cover

A compelling title and cover can boost your sales dramatically. Choose an edifying title, preferably one that’s memorable. For best results, use a graphic artist for the cover.

The table of contents

A concise table of contents with subtopics and clickable links is a must. It allows readers to skip or go back to parts they find most interesting or relatable. In the age of short attention spans, designing your work with an interesting and clear outline can make your e-Book stand out.

In the end, writing e-Books can help you gain authority in your field and earn money, but only when you make them engaging. If you don’t have the time to research your e-Book or to format it properly, consider using e-Book services.