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What Type of Sites Does Google Like?

Google has always liked websites that feature high-quality, informative, relevant content. To rank well online, you need high-quality content — it’s as easy as that. If you don’t have the time to do the article writing yourself, you can let an SEO company create it for you. But there’s no alternative to ranking well.


Content is the crucial factor that makes a website rank well on Google. This makes article writing extremely important. It will determine whether your website survives or not. To assess the quality of your articles, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the information trustworthy? Would you act on it?
  • Did an expert or enthusiast write the article?
  • Is the article original?
  • Was the article written solely in order to generate traffic or because the author has a genuine interest in the topic?
  • Is the article worth reading and sharing?

A website with good articles is relevant and authoritative and gives the impression of being trustworthy, even if it hasn’t really been around for long. Authority, relevancy, and reliability hold great weight for all search engines, not only Google, and if your website has these three qualities, you can be sure it will attract interest. For help with creating specific content for your audience, consider using article writing services. Google’s search engine receives frequent updates to uplift valuable, high-quality content, and you should orient your SEO strategy towards it.

Other Factors

Once you have good content, you can look at the other factors that determine your Google ranking:

  • Internal structure is important because it keeps the content organized and simplifies navigation. Keep your folders organized and group pages according to categories.
  • Links help you build credibility. Try to have as many authoritative websites link to you, and especially websites that are in your niche.
  • Ads can be detrimental if you run too many ads once on your site. Maintain a good ratio between ads and content. Your page should feature at least 80% content.
  • Blogs relevant to your business help you gain exposure as well as keep your customers up to date. Run a blog alongside your main website, and host it on the same domain.

In the end, Google likes websites that feature high-quality, relevant content, and which are created for people and not for search engines. If you need help making your website more popular, try our professional SEO services.