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What to Do With Your Google+ Business Page in 2012

Google+ for Business has been around for some time now, and you probably have created your own business page on the network. So far so good. But to reach your desired audience and engage them, you need to use your Google+ page effectively this year. Here are a few things you can do.

Add Blog Posts to Your Google+ Business Page

To make the most of your blog posts, share them on your Google+ business page. In this way, your posts can earn shares and comments on the network, which will generate buzz. This buzz will help your business website get a search ranking boost – it’s well known that Google takes into account social media buzz when ranking websites. For best results, you may want to hire expert SEO services to do the article writing for you.

Optimize Your Google+ Business Page to Make It More Visible

It’s not enough to create a Google+ business page. You need to create a really good one that reflects what your brand is all about. You can use expert SEO services to optimize your page. This kind of optimization is important because Google+ business pages are showing up at the top of the search results. Well-optimized pages are more likely to rank well.

Share Images and Videos with Your Circles

One of the advantages of Google+ for Business is that the photos and videos in your stream can be accessed directly. Your Circles see those photos and videos as they are, without having to follow an external link. Make the most of this feature by using enticing images that encourage potential customers to act. And since the network allows large-size images, make them big so they catch the eye.

Feed Your Followers Fresh Content

Add high-quality content to your Google+ business page consistently. Not long ago, Google introduced the Freshness Update, which makes it clear that the search engine favors websites that feature fresh content. Having fresh content at all times on your Google+ business page helps you draw attention and brings in traffic. To maintain a steady flow of content to your Google+ business page you’ll have to consider using expert SEO services specialized in article writing.

In conclusion, Google+ for Business can help you gain more exposure for your company or brand in 2012, but only if you focus on high-quality content. If your Google+ business page is really important to you, then you may want to use professional SEO and article writing services to get the most out of it.