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What Should Your Newsletter Look Like?

When you hire organic SEO services, you should make sure that they cover newsletter optimization as well. Many small businesses don’t work much on newsletters, and by this they ignore a marketing tool that has great potential. Don’t make the same mistake: when doing article writing try to improve your newsletter. Here’s how to create better newsletters that people will actually read.

The “From” Field

The name of your company should always appear in the “From” field, with no exceptions. This helps recipients understand right away where the email comes from and prevents them from labeling it as spam or deleting it altogether.

The “To” Field

To make your newsletter sound more friendly, put the name of the recipient in the “To” field instead of his or her email address. This will help you connect with the recipient from the start.

The Unsubscribe Option

Add an unsubscribe option at the end of the email. Make sure it’s visible in a way that doesn’t stand out. You’ll be surprised to notice that few people will unsubscribe even if this option is present. Worse things happen when you don’t have this option included in the newsletter. You may even get into troubles with the law, as some countries and states enforce tight marketing regulations.

General Look and Feel

To make the most of your newsletters you need to convey the right message, and to do it in an appropriate way. Good organic SEO services will help you with the content, but the design of the newsletter is usually left to you.

Newsletters that look like ads are not effective, nor do they compel people to click your links. Make your newsletters look like updates instead. Use no more graphics than you have to, write suitable headlines, and provide informative content.

Include Video Content

While email marketing is still effective, text- and image-only newsletters are considered a bit too static for the modern audience. Include interactive content such as videos, GIFs, sliders, or clickable menus to make a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

Include Discounts

Few things can improve a newsletter more than discounts. Whenever possible, include discounts in your newsletters and make sure you mention this on your website. Even when they are small, they can still increase engagement levels.

Make It Look Friendly

Finally, you’re not going to get anywhere if your content isn’t warm and sincere. When you do the article writing, use a tone that is simple and straightforward. This applies to website content as well as to newsletters. Make your newsletter appear like a letter from a friend and you’ll never lack subscribers.

In the end, remember that organic SEO services should cover newsletters as well. Don’t skip the SEO on your newsletters.