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What Inspires Readers to Take Action in Your Content

Readers engage readily with content that’s entertaining or emotionally arousing. Crafting such content isn’t the easier job in the world, as it calls for a careful blending of elements and triggers. In this post, we’ll look at the elements in your content that drive action and how to use them to your advantage.

But first, it’s crucial for you to be able to measure the response you get from readers, including subscriptions for newsletters, clicks, leads, social shares, and of course, sales. You need to use the right analytics and marketing performance tools to track all that.

Now let’s look at the content elements you need to consider when writing SEO content.

Striking Facts or Statements

Facts and statements that have the biggest impact are usually those relevant to things we do every day, like eating, sleeping, or working. Such facts and statements make people raise their eyebrows. When writing an article, try to insert provocative facts or statements, without going over the top.


Your content needs to be relevant to your main audience. If they can identify with what you’re saying, they will be more likely to act. Relevancy, together with good article writing, can make any piece of content engaging. To make your content relevant, choose the right topics and do good research.


When you weave the news that matter into your content, the response you’ll get from most of your readers will be much better. To time your content, you have to keep an eye on the news. What’s hot now? What are people interested in at this moment? Writing SEO content without regard for what people care about won’t get you far.

Keep in mind that evergreen content is also extremely beneficial for SEO and conversion. If you’re writing a news-related piece, you might need to update it every now and then.


When it comes to writing, originality is a rather pretentious term. After all, writers always draw on each other’s ideas. If you cannot come up with an original idea, approach your article writing from a new perspective. In the world of online marketing, originality is quite rare, and readers appreciate it.


Let’s face it — marketing is hardly associated with sincerity. If you are a marketer who can deliver sincerity, you’ll stand out.

What you want to do is make sure your content is written by people who like and even believe in the ideas and things they promote. That helps readers instantly connect with the content, and makes them want to act on it. Sincere article writing will get you a long way.

Good Story

Some content has a good story, but most does not. For the story to be there, the content needs to be presented by a strong voice that takes the reader on an emotional journey that ends with a powerful call to action. Writing an article that’s charming is hard work, but when you pull it off, you’ve hit the jackpot.

When writing SEO content remember: relevancy, timeliness, originality, sincerity, charm, and striking facts and statements are the ingredients to success.