keyword rich articles

What Are Keyword Rich Articles?

Keyword-rich articles are at the core of organic SEO. As any company providing professional SEO services could explain, keyword-rich articles contain the keywords that define your business in the right density. They make search engines rank you higher on the results page for your niche. Learn more about article writing for SEO and the value of keywords.


Keyword-rich articles are good not only for search engine ranking. They can also serve a few other useful purposes, which can be fully exploited when you use professional SEO services.

They can bring more people to your website, which in turn can lead to more sales. Also, good content guarantees more visibility and engagement for your brand. You can use them not only for in-page content, but also for marketing on article directories, and for increasing earnings with AdSense.

By using professional SEO services you have a big advantage: your content will be optimized for multiple search engines, not just Google. Bing and Yahoo! are only two of the other search engines you could start taking advantage of with keyword-rich articles.

Writing Good Articles

Good content means not only articles that are relevant to your business and what it stands for. They also contain the right keywords in the right densities. An optimized article uses the main and secondary keywords of your website as well as any possible derivatives, and it does it constantly and in an unobtrusive way.

Each article should include the keywords in the first sentence and in the last paragraph. Also, keywords must be sprinkled throughout the text body as well. It’s important to note that good article writing for SEO implies blending the keywords into the text in a way that they go unnoticed.

Long tail keywords are more effective, and they should be used whenever possible. Article writing with long tail keywords can help you attract specific audiences, possibly increasing your conversion rates.

Also important for SEO article writing are titles. Good titles contain the primary keywords and entice readers to read on. However, inserting keywords in titles is not always feasible: at times it just doesn’t work. In such cases, it’s always better to leave the keyword out.

The Bottom Line

In the end remember that while you can do article writing yourself, it’s usually better to hire a professional SEO services provider. That’s not as expensive as you may think. What’s more, you can always hire them on a freelance basis, so no need for a costly long-term contract with an agency.