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Twitter’s New Conversations Feature – What’s It All About?

Following replies on Twitter has become easier after the social media giant unveiled a new feature — Conversations. Conversations is one of the most important features Twitter has introduced in recent years, comparable perhaps to Retweet. It’s expected to make tweets easier to follow, and by doing so, increase Twitter’s user base and boost its revenues. In this post, you’ll learn all you need to know about Conversations.

What Is ‘Conversations’?

When a user tweets and other users reply, a conversation begins. The Conversations feature connects conversations with a blue vertical line, allowing users to view connected tweets in a chronological order within their stream.

Conversation tweets look not unlike the comments thread on a Facebook posting or blog. This makes it easier for users who tweet a lot to follow conversations. Twitter no doubt hopes that Conversations will make people tweet more and get more personal.

Conversations Could Make Twitter More Social

Twitter has a huge user base, but if you think about it, there is not nearly that much interaction between its users as it is between Facebook users. People reply to your tweets and answer your questions, and sometimes comment on the links you’ve posted, but most conversations rarely go beyond two or three tweets on each side.

By linking conversations and making it easier for users to follow related tweets, the new feature can increase engagement. It can encourage people to use Twitter more, not only for news and updates, but also for concise micro-conversations with friends, colleagues, and family.

Impact of Conversations

The new feature could promote discussions on news items and trendy topics. It could encourage people to hang out on Twitter longer than they do now. Twitter users could be tweeting more, especially about specific topics they are interested in.

Because it’s a feature that ultimately connects people, it might well bring Twitter an influx of users, and with that, of course, higher revenues, making the company more desirable for investors. For marketers, the new feature should be good news, as their marketing messages will stay on people’s timelines longer.