Fresh Website Content Services

The Importance of Fresh Content for Your Website

One of the most important criteria Google uses when ranking websites is the freshness of the content. Having fresh content has always been important to ranking well in search engines, but since late 2011, when Google updated its algorithms, it has become a crucial. If you want to stay on top, you need fresh content — there’s no shortcut to this. Don’t have an in-house writing team that can create enough content for you? Don’t worry — expert SEO services and article writing can help you.

What Fresh Content Do You Need?

Any fresh content will do, including blog posts, new web pages, and social media updates. Having a blog section on your website that you update at least two or three times a week is best. You also want to add new pages to your website if necessary.

Updating existing content to reflect the latest changes and developments in your industry is also recommended. Finally, rewriting or rewording your homepage, contact page, as well as other parts of your website every few years also helps your site stay fresh.

Doing all this on your own usually means a lot of work. That’s where expert SEO services come in. They can do the article writing for you, providing your website with all the fresh content it needs.

How Often Should You Update?

There’s no formula for updating content. You should update as often as you can, without compromising the quality of the content. You want to post fresh blog posts at least once or twice every week, and fresh website content weekly. Post content updates as often as they are necessary. Article writing services can take care of all these for you, so long as you develop a good content strategy.

Using Keywords

The best content is not only fresh and original, but also keyword targeted. Why? Because when it uses the keywords that best reflect what your business is all about it helps searchers find you more easily. Not to mention that it boosts your search engine ranking. Expert SEO services can provide you both with fresh content and keyword-targeted content. Hence another good reason to consider using them.

In the end, remember that the freshness of your content is almost as important as its value and originality, and that the most effective way to keep your website up to date is by using expert SEO services providing article writing.