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The Advantages of Deep Linking

Deep linking is a thumbs up for your website. It’s crucial if you want to boost your website’s ranking with Google or with any other search engine. If you hire professional SEO services, you want to make sure they take care of it for you.

A deep link is a link that points to an inner page of your website, e.g., and not to your homepage, e.g. Since search engines rank websites per page, deep linking has many advantages. Discover them below.

Boost Traffic

Studies have shown that websites that use deep links can receive up to four times more traffic than those that don’t. Why? Because searchers land on individual pages more frequently than on the homepage.

Increase Relevancy

Valuable, keyword-optimized content doesn’t do much good if the internal linking structure of a website is bad. Ideally, once a searcher discovers your website they should start exploring it, spending as much time and visiting as many pages as possible. But if the internal linking suffers, the searcher can be lost. Internal as well as external deep linking keeps your site compact and increases its relevancy.

Rank with More Keywords

When you use professional SEO services to optimize your deep links, you can rank in search engines for more keywords. Whenever you want to conveniently target multiple keywords through the use links, use deep links.

Increase Visibility

Links that are not indexed by search engines are useless because searches cannot find them. Inner pages within a website are often not properly indexed. By using deep linking you can address this problem, getting valuable inner pages properly indexed and thus making them accessible for searchers.

Get Linked by Others More Often

By optimizing deep links you increase your chances of having your web pages linked to more often by other websites relevant to your own. This consolidates your Google ranking and spreads the word about your site faster.

Build Authority

Using optimized external and internal deep links can help you build authority. Search engines prefer websites with a highly-organized internal linking structure. By organizing your internal structure you also improve your website’s navigability, which will further improve the user browsing experience and possibly your Google ranking.

Deep linking has become an indispensable aspect of SEO and should receive proper attention when you’re optimizing your website. For best results, let professional SEO services manage your deep links.