Some Facts About PageRank

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A numeric value that reflects how important your website is, PageRank has been considered for a long time essential when aiming for a high Google ranking.

PageRank is an algorithm, one of hundreds used by Google. It basically tracks when one website links to your own website, thus giving the latter a thumbs up. PageRank can be boosted by using professional SEO services.

Does PageRank Matter?

PageRank is just one of the many algorithms used by Google when ranking your website. It is definitely important but not crucial for the success of your website. You should keep track of it, and try to improve it ‘naturally’ by using organic SEO services.

When PageRank is high, leads are also likely to improve. However, keep in mind that it’s not the PageRank that will bring visitors and potential clients to your website; It is also not your unique products or services that drive leads. It is targeted set of keywords and top-notch content you should publish frequently.

The higher you’re ranked in the search results, the better. You gain authority and prospective customers will more easily find you through search engines. Therefore, it is essential to target the right keywords when optimizing your content.

Keep in mind that long-tail keywords are more likely to get you to the top of the search engines than short-tail keywords or commonly used keywords that are really high on competition such as “sales”, “financial advisor”, “best investment”, “cars for sale”, etc.

Factors That Improve PageRank

•    Content
Content is crucial for all SEO. If you have great content, you’ll have a great PageRank too. Use professional SEO services to add high-quality content to your website, and your PageRank will go up, and when that happens, you’ll likely to get more leads as well.

For long-term results that endure even after algorithm changes, use only organic SEO services that boost your PageRank by improving the on-page content.

•    Inbound links from high-quality sites
The more links from authority sites (sites with a high PageRank) your pages get, the better. The most reliable way to get inbound links consistently is to feature high-quality content that other websites will find useful for their own readers.

When your content is top notch, getting inbound links won’t be a problem, and increasing PageRank and ultimately getting more leads will become easier.

PageRank may also be improved by getting inbound links from other websites, regardless of their PageRank, and by backlinking. But with both these methods, the improvements are less notable than when using organic SEO.

High-Quality Content Is the Key

In conclusion, to get a better PageRank and to generate more leads, it’s crucial to have keyword targeted content that keeps visitors returning, and that encourages other websites to link to your web pages. There’s no substitute for good content.

If you want to improve your PageRank and generate more leads, consider using professional SEO services, and more particularly, organic SEO services, whose effects are long-lasting.

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