Social Answers – The Latest Trend in Online Searching

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Quora and Yahoo! Answers are two examples of Q&A based websites that are extremely popular with Web searchers. They provide relevant information about basically any topic in an accessible format. Also, their content is generated by their users, which ensures that the content is always fresh and good, not only for search engines, but also for people.


Social answers websites provide content for Web searchers that’s more accurate and more convenient than the SEO content that article writing directories and websites in general provide. So it’s not at all surprising that such sites are a big trend in online searching, and more Q&A sites are continually being launched.

The answers you’ll find on these sites are for the most part highly relevant because the people giving them are actually interested in the topic. What’s more, because of the answer voting/rating system that most Q&A sites use, there’s always a friendly competition between respondents, who are encouraged to provide answers that are as exact as possible.

Social answers websites enable Web searchers to find more intelligent answers to their search queries. And since those answers are always provided by real people with an actual interest in the topic, they are extremely informative and appealing for the searchers. More so than an article or even a blog post which takes 300 words or more to speak about a topic, and it the end does not actually provide a practical answer to the searcher’s question.

Impact on Business and Marketing

For online business owners and marketers, the rise of social answers sites means that they should try to implement a Q&A section on their site, one that’s preferably updated with content from the community. It also means that employees who are experts in a topic should be encouraged to provide answers to questions consumers ask about their brand on social answers sites. This can help boost the business site’s SEO ranking, and also increase the reputation of the company in the eyes of the consumers.

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