Microsoft Developing a Social Searching Network Called Tulalip?

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Microsoft might be developing a new social searching network called Tulalip, according to venturebeat.com. Although currently most information about the new Microsoft social network comes from rumors, there seems to be at least a grain of truth about the IT giant’s new project, especially when considering that a domain hosting the new network has been created then soon after taken offline.

If the rumors prove to be true, Tulalip will be Microsoft’s answer to Facebook and the newly launched yet increasingly popular Google+. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s new social networking service will wrestle with giant Facebook and daring newcomer Google+.

Apparently, Microsoft has commented on its new social network, explaining that it will allow users to share any kind of content and news items rapidly, as well as look for information on Twitter and Facebook. Up to this point, it seems that the new Microsoft social network will have as one of its main features a powerful search function in Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft also added that Tulalip is in its early stages of development.

The website socl.com, which was online for a brief period, hosted a banner that announced the new Microsoft social network. However, the website was soon taken down and the company excused itself by saying that domain was in fact an internal application that one of its research teams used and that it was put online by accident.

Up to this point it’s still unclear whether Tulalip will actually be a social networking platform, and more importantly, whether it will really be massive enough to openly compete with Facebook. Right now it seems rather unlikely that Tulalip’s features will overlap with the core features of Facebook or Google+.

Facebook remains by far the most popular social network, but Google+ has already established itself, despite the fact that it was launched just three weeks ago. In fact, some of the most recent data show that Google+ already got 10 million users since its launch, and that it continues to attract many new users.

The new Microsoft social network may look similar to Windows Phone 7. Also, it’s quite probable that if it’s ever launched it will be integrated into the company’s mobile OS.

In conclusion, it’s unclear whether Tulalip is really a new Microsoft social network, and more importantly, whether it will be a major service that will compete directly with the likes of Facebook or Google+. Still, social networking fans may have yet one more treat ahead of them.

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