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In 2011, Google Panda has sounded the death knell of many SEO techniques that until then were much used and abused, including link exchange, backlinking, and, to some extent, non-organic SEO. All of these are now slowly dying.

Organic SEO is the norm in SEO trends, which is why websites and blogs using organic SEO services instead of paid listing and other non-organic strategies will thrive.

The SEO trends you can’t ignore are:

1. Guest blog posting, which is great to gain authority and links.

Many of those who over the last few years have been submitting articles to article directories are now shifting their focus to writing, or outsourcing, guest blog posts. Why? Because guest blog posts are more personal and less promotional. They help a website gain reputation more quickly.

In 2012, to get on top of the search results, you no longer need write articles for directories, but write guest blog posts for relevant, established blogs.

2. High-quality content, which propels you to the top and keeps you there.

In an online environment where the competition is getting tougher and tougher each year, it’s the quality of a website’s content that makes the difference between good websites and great websites.

Google, as well as other search engines, is trying hard to increase the relevancy of its queries, to ultimately boost the quality of the search results. This means constant algorithm changes. How can you withstand these frequent algorithm changes? Use professional organic SEO services to improve your content.

3. Fresh content, which boosts your Google ranking.

Not long ago Google has introduced several algorithm changes that have made fresh content more important. Currently, websites with fresh content are more likely to be ranked higher than those with stale content.

Updating your website at least every few days is essential to ranking well. If writing articles yourself is becoming too much work, why not use expert SEO services?

4. Social media marketing, which spreads the word about your website.

Another of the SEO trends that cannot be ignored is the growing importance of social media content for your search engine ranking. Search engines now take into account the buzz you generate on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ when ranking your website.

This means that you cannot ignore your social media profiles: you need to update them with fresh and appealing content regularly, to keep your followers returning. Using expert organic SEO services can help you with this as well.

The SEO trends described above make it clear that writing articles on your own is no longer sufficient to reach and maintain a high search engine ranking.

Instead, it has become necessary to rely on organic SEO services to improve your website, consolidate your online presence, and ultimately reach a wider audience.

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  3. Abhinav Shan

    May 20, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Thanks for providing latest seo techniques list.

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