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How Will Web 3.0. Affect Search Engine Optimization?

With Web 3.0, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes even more important for businesses with an online presence. Most will have to employ professional SEO services to remain on top. Websites that rely on organic SEO services will have an advantage over their competitors, as good SEO will mean much more than placing keywords in the right places.

Also, in Web 3.0 the focus will be shifting from the web page to specific content, which means that you must optimize all key aspects of your site. Next, we’ll look at the major SEO changes that occurred over the last few months, and which say a lot about what Web 3.0 is all about.

You Can’t Ignore Bing Any Longer

Since the end of 2011, Yahoo began displaying listings similar to Bing’s. Right now, the two search engines have well over 30% of the search market. To ignore Bing then is to overlook a large share of the market. You must optimize for Bing as well.

Quick tips for ranking better on Bing:

◦     Use titles in the format Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword | Tertiary Keyword | Company.

◦     Create simple, direct URLs.

◦     Write descriptions that include your essential keywords.

◦     Insert a keyword or two for every hundred words (the limit is 6 keywords for a page).

Remember that these tips are only basic. You need to employ professional SEO services if you plan to reach, and more importantly, maintain, a top position in Bing’s search results page.

Google’s Preview Button Increases the Value of Design

The preview button Google added recently enables a searcher to view a website before actually visiting it. This button can have a significant impact on the number of visitors you receive. You must make sure your web design catches the eye, else the preview could send people away.

It won’t matter if you use organic SEO services to optimize content unless you improve the look of your website. A provider of professional SEO services can help you figure out how you can enhance your website design.

Google Business Profiles Become More Important

Google uses Business profiles to populate main search results for local queries (‘near me’), making them much more conspicuous than before. Creating a business profile for Google to crawl through and implement into the results yields best results if you operate a brick-and-mortar store or a local service. Organic SEO services alone won’t help you that much if you’re not listed on Google.

Finally, remember that if you focus on creating quality content for people, the changes that Web 3.0 usher in can’t have a negative impact on your site.