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How Will Google Panda Affect Your Rankings

Google Panda is a major algorithm change introduced earlier this year. Its aim is to identify poor-quality websites which, though rich in keywords, provide a poor user experience. Google Panda was first rolled in the U.S., but as of April, it became applicable to all queries in English, regardless of the location of the searcher.


Google always relied on multiple signals to display the most relevant search results possible (including in-page text, external links, and loading speed). But this didn’t stop the mushrooming of content farms, i.e. websites with plenty of SEO content but with a poor user experience. Google Panda tries to solve this issue by ensuring that content farms don’t rank higher than they deserve. It’s likely to compel more and more website owners to use professional SEO services to maintain a good Google ranking.

What to Do If Panda Has Affected Your Ranking

Panda has impacted more or less all websites, whether large or small. However, large websites, because they have more pages and links, have been more affected than small ones. All in all, the algorithm improvements introduced by Google Panda have been mostly beneficial, raising the quality of the search experience for most users.

Still, quite a few website owners have seen their rankings drop, even if they run a high-quality content website. If you think you’re one of them, consider using professional SEO services. But before you get to that, look dispassionately at your website and try to ascertain whether:

•    Visitors can easily navigate it
•    Every page revolves around a topic and doesn’t digress from it
•    The content is your own, that is, not compiled from other websites
•    Ads don’t hinder the user experience
•    Your content provides value to real people
•    The quality of your web pages is consistent – there are no weak pages that may affect your ranking

Ultimately, Panda brings a big improvement to the world’s most-used search engine, and like it or not, you’ll have to adapt to it. Start by assessing the quality and relevancy of your web pages, and then make the necessary adjustments. For optimum results, use professional SEO services.