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How to Market Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest is the hottest social network right now. It’s a rich visual experience that lets users pin photos and videos to virtual pinboards which they can then share with others.

Why Should You Be on Pinterest?

•    Pinterest has over 20 million users. The network has gained 19.5 million users in less than a year, being the fastest growing social network in history.
•    A Pinterest user spends an average of 88 minutes onsite. That’s more than the average user of Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter spends on those websites combined.
•    Pinterest drives more traffic to blogs and websites than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.
•    Clear demographics: 80% of users are female, most of them aged between 24 and 44 years.

Marketing Your Business on Pinterest

If your products are appealing for middle-class women, then Pinterest marketing can help you increase your reach. Here’s how to get started.

•    Create a complete Pinterest company profile, using your brand colors and logo. Create pinboards that target specific customer groups, i.e. new customers, loyal customers, and so on.

•    Focus on visual products. If your products are visual — clothing, decorations, accessories — then Pinterest marketing becomes a lot easier.

•    Create a pinboard and pin to it your most exciting (and visually appealing) products. When people click the pins, they will be taken to website product pages. Alternatively, you can link to product information pages on your site.

•    Pin videos and photos of company events. Don’t stage them — make them look authentic. Remember, the better the photos and the videos, the more effective the marketing.

•    Use pinned items for backlinking. Users who click your pinned images are directed to your website – a backlink will be created for each click. Choose to link to pages that search engines like the most. In this way, you will increase your search engine ranking.

•    Integrate Pinterest with other social networks you’re using. Make sure your Pinterest profile links to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and other profiles, and that all of them link back to your Pinterest page.

•    Become an active member of the Pinterest community. Like other pins, tag pinners by name, and comment. You will build a following sooner.

Finally, to make sure search engines pick up your social activity on Pinterest, optimize your pins with keywords, links, categories, and hashtags.

Did you enjoy these tips? We hope so! Come back next week for more social media tips and tricks.