How to Market Your Business on Instagram

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Instagram is a popular social channel that can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Its huge popularity among smartphone users simply cannot be ignored. Keep reading to find out how to effectively market your business on Instagram.

The key to marketing your business on Instagram successfully is posting great images on your page. These images can be behind-the-scenes snapshots, enticing shoots of your hottest products, portraits of key employees, and basically anything else related to your business. You can be as creative as you want. But you won’t be the only business out there using Instragram, so you have to do a few things to stand out:

  • Use #hashtags for every picture you post. Hashtags increase the visibility of your business. Photos with hashtags are easier to discover, receive more likes, and can increase your followers count. Consider including as hashtags the name of your company and of your product, and a keyword that explains the picture. Two or three hashtags will do, no need to use a dozen.
  • Focus on behind-the-scenes images. Don’t post on Instagram the same professional shots you’ve already posted on Facebook or Twitter, but open your backdoor a little and let people glance through inside. Be personal and it will be easier to draw attention on Instagram, which by the way is really one of the most personal social sites out there, much more so than say YouTube.
  • Use geotagging to draw attention to events. Turning on geotagging on Instagram makes it easier for you to promote major events or conferences that take place in specific locations. While for personal users geotagging can be a security risk, for companies it can be an effective marketing tactic.
  • Post preview and work in progress photos. Want to draw attention to an upcoming product release? Take some photos of your team at work and post them on Instagram. Customers love to see their favorite companies at work.
  • Use the built-in analytics tool. Instagram offers an analytics tool somewhat similar to that offered by Facebook. Apart from offering you various useful statistics, it lets you track engagement levels, helping you to determine which photos your followers like the most.
  • Share images posted by others, as long as they are relevant to your brand. Think of quotes, statistics, and anything else that works well with your niche.
  • Search for images that use as a hashtag the name of your brand, and like them. In this way you thank the customers who are speaking about you and show them that you care. The result will be increased engagement.

Instagram has a lot of potential for businesses. Make it one of the priorities of your marketing campaign and you won’t regret it.

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