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How to Market Products or Services Successfully to a Worldwide Audience

Marketing products or services in today’s highly competitive online environment requires endurance. The results don’t come overnight – to be successful you need to keep on at it. Discover an effective strategy that will help you drive engagement and improve conversions.

Step 1 – Find a product that’s worth being marketed to the world

If you don’t have something worth marketing you’ll have a hard time. You don’t need a fantastic product or service. One that can solve a specific problem your audience is facing is enough.

Step 2 – Translate your website for new audiences

Website translation is an essential aspect of global online marketing. When you optimize your site for other languages, you boost your traffic and make your products and services more accessible worldwide. You will also increase your SEO ranking for searches in other languages.

For best results use professional translation services that carry the original message of the content and take into account how translations affect SEO.

Step 3 – Focus on SEO

SEO helps you get discovered on the Web. It’s still the building block of any successful global web marketing campaign. Don’t think that social media marketing is a substitute for it — social media users lack the commercial intent that Google searchers have. Instead, use social media marketing to complement your SEO strategy.

Step 4 – Consider optimizing for other search engines

In countries like Sweden, China, and Russia, Google is a major search engine, but not the dominant one. Do your research and discover what search engines are most popular in every country where you have operations. Optimize for them to increase your reach.

Step 5 – Use local advertising agencies

In Western countries, a cheeky ad could cause a furor in the first sense of the word — interest followed by exaggerated zeal. But in a Middle Eastern country or Japan, it can lead to a furor in the second sense of the word — a sudden outburst of protest. Different cultures have different values, and that’s something that every marketer should remember.

Step 6 – Optimize your website design

You want an attractive website that is easy to navigate and that displays well on smartphones and tablets. Making mobile users happy should be one of your priorities. Also, don’t forget to customize your social media pages and blogs. Good web design is a universal language that everyone can understand.

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