How to Market Products or Services Successfully to a Worldwide Audience

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Marketing products or services on the Web in today’s highly competitive online environment requires endurance. The results don’t come overnight – to be successful you need to keep on at it, and not be daunted by bad figures.

Step 1 – Find a product that’s worth being marketed to the world

If you don’t have something worth marketing you should not even bother. You don’t need a fantastic product or service, but one that has potential. One that can solve customers’ problems all over the world.

Step 2 – Translate your website for new audiences

Website translation is an essential aspect of global online marketing. When your site is optimized for other languages than English you will boost your traffic, make your products and services more accessible worldwide, and boost your SEO ranking for searches in other languages. For best results use professional translation services that adapt the original message of the content and that take into account SEO.

Step 3 – Focus on the SEO

SEO helps you get discovered on the Web. It’s still the building block of any successful global Web marketing campaign. Don’t think that social media marketing is a substitute for it. Social media users lack the commercial intent that Google searchers have. Use social media marketing to complement SEO.

Step 4 – Consider optimizing for other search engines than Google

In countries like Sweden, China, and Russia, Google is a major search engine, but not necessarily the dominant one. Do your research and discover what search engines are most popular in every country you have operations, and optimize for them.

Step 5 – Use local advertising agencies

Due to cultural differences your ads won’t be received in the same way everywhere. A ‘liberal’ ad that in Europe might cause a furor in the first sense of the word, an interest followed by an exaggerated zeal, can lead in a Middle Eastern country or even in Japan to a furor in the second sense of the word, a sudden outburst of protest. It’s wrong to say that some cultures are less liberal than others. It’s just that some cultures have different values, which outsiders don’t necessarily understand.

Step 6 – Optimize your website desig

You want an attractive website that is easy to navigate and that displays well on smartphones and tablets. Satisfying mobile users should be one of your priorities.

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