How to Be Insufferable on Twitter

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On Twitter updates flow faster than on other social sites and can easily clutter your followers’ screens, which means that if you’re insufferable you can’t really get away with it. Twitter users are more likely to unfollow you if you annoy them than say your Facebook or LinkedIn followers. Considering the huge impact that Twitter has on social media today, it’s best not to take any risks. You don’t want to be…

  • Spamming your followers with Tweets. Even if your tweets are valuable, posting more than one or two per hour as a business or organization – conversations excluded – makes for bad etiquette. Tweeting too much can really lead to the same thing as not tweeting enough – unfollow!
  • Continually reposting the same Tweets. Some do it because they believe their Tweets are awesome and must be known by all, others just because they don’t have enough content and think that it’s better to publish old stuff than nothing at all. Don’t do this. Not only you will make the wrong impression, but also annoy loyal followers with stale content.
  • Bragging with your achievements. This can be done by consistently retweeting your posts, endlessly reminding your followers of your sales numbers, great product reviews, or latest business milestone, or simply by writing boastful messages. Sometimes, social boasting can be fun and amuse followers more than annoy them, but most of the time it’s best to stay cool.
  • Talking only about yourself. Easy to do even if you’re not necessarily the boastful type, by posting self-centered tweets, links, and images. People like businesses and organizations who are concerned with their market / industry at large, rather than their own backyard only. Retweet cool posts from your followers, link to statistics and facts about your industry, post images of your customers, and mention and interact with experts and other companies in your market. Surely, that takes more time, but it pays off.
  • Posting broken links, or links that send users to the wrong place. On Twitter this can happen easily when you use a URL shortening service while browsing the web. Always double-check your links before sharing them with the world – you can’t edit them once they’re posted.
  • Posting irrelevant, low quality, lewd, or racist images. Twitter, like all social sites, can leave the impression that everything is allowed. Average users may get away with this, but not businesses or organizations, from whom a certain degree of professionalism and formality is expected. So make sure your decency filter is on before creating a new tweet.

Please don’t be insufferable on Twitter!

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