Avoid Spam Blog SEO

How to Avoid Spammers on Your Blog

Humans are the worst spammers that your blog can have. You may get rid of bots with captchas, but there’s no simple tool for shooing away human spammers — people who are actually paid to post irrelevant comments and links on your blog. For all their benefits, organic SEO services may indirectly draw attention to your blog. But there are also some solutions that you may apply yourself.

If the article writing for your blog encourages comments by users, spam is likely to thrive. However, you should remember that blogs should connect people and inspire them to interact online. Occasional spam is a small price to pay for that.

Tips for Reducing Blog Spam

•    Remove the URL input field in the posting form. This is easy enough to do, and most of the time has noticeable results. Most spammers want to post links. If you don’t let them, they’ll run to another blog.

•    Many organic SEO services promote the comment moderation option built into almost all blogging software. This feature lets you check comments before they are posted, and even delete unwanted ones. Comment moderation is useful and effective, but it can involve too much work. Moreover, it may discourage readers from posting comments.

•    Use Akismet, a blog add-on that helps you moderate spam. It resembles comment moderation, but it automatically filters non-spam comments, posting them right away. The downside is that Akismet is not always able to keep spam at bay. Still, it’s worth trying.

•    Ask readers to register before allowing them to comment. This simple solution can do wonders when it comes to preventing spam. Just use a simple sign-in process and observe how spamming almost instantly ceases. However, this method is risky because it may deter new readers from interacting with you. If your blog has not yet had time to build a following, it may be better not to use it.

In the end, remember that while spam can be troublesome, it can also be a good sign. It means that your blog is easy to discover. For more help with avoiding spamming, consider using organic SEO services.