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How to Attract Visitors to Your Website During the Holiday Season

If you have something worthwhile to offer, whether it be content or products, visitors could flock to your website during the holiday season. Some customer-facing businesses earn half of their annual income during Q4. Losing website visitors to competition can spiral into lost revenue quickly. Here are some simple but effective marketing tips for getting more visitors.

Market Yourself on Facebook, Twitter, and Other Major Social Networks

Create special content for the holidays and share it through social sites. Incorporate into it your products and services, without making it sound like blatant marketing. It’s important that your posts, imagery, and tweets all carry the spirit of the holidays. Don’t just post the same content that you’ve posted all year round. Make it special.

Offer Promotion and Discounts

Few strategies attract more visitors to your website than promotions or major discounts. For best results, make them urgent. Implement a timer on your site to let all visitors know how long your special deals will last.

Make the Most of Paid Search

Investing in paid search advertising during the holiday season can bring you a considerable return on your investment fairly quickly. The weeks preceding the winter holidays represent the best time of the year to focus your marketing efforts on paid search ads. You will want to feature holiday offers in your ads, and to write compelling calls to action. For best results, use a professional online advertising firm.

Spoil Mobile Users

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Then create special mobile ads and offer enticing deals only on mobile. More people access the Web exclusively through smartphones and tablets than through a PC. You shouldn’t ignore them.

Trade Likes for Discounts or Free Downloads

With a content locker for WordPress, you can make premium content, discounts, or special offers available to users who Like or Tweet your web pages. Use a locker effectively and you will get not only more traffic, but also a better search engine ranking. Why? Because all those likes and shares become valuable backlinks.

Guest Blog on Relevant Blogs

An effective marketing strategy that can beat even article marketing is to write useful How to articles or guides. At the end, recommend one of your products or services as a solution to a problem they are facing, and offer a nice discount or a special offer. Send these articles to relevant blogs in your niche.

With the strategies above, you can attract visitors to your site during the holiday season and considerably boost your sales. Make the most of them!