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Google’s New Search Quality Improvements – Highlights

Google has introduced 40 search quality improvements in February, which aim to make search better for users. The improvements target all aspects of search, from link evaluation to algorithm updates. They highlight the importance of using organic SEO services.

What’s obvious when looking at the core improvements is that fresh and original content has never been more important for websites.

Main Notes

Here is a selection of some of the most notable improvements Google has brought to its popular search engine:

  • Fresher images will from now on surface more often in the search results (codename ‘tumeric’), hence the importance of adding images to your new content.
  • Fresh content will rank higher in the search results (codename ‘iotfreshweb’). Google will probably continue to add improvements to its search engine that will make fresh content detection and surfacing even better.
  • The Panda algorithm has been updated to improve accuracy. Google is likely to keep rolling Panda updates all through the year, so it’s important to publish unique content, and to use organic SEO services.
  • Link evaluation has changed. It seems that Google turned off one component of the scoring system. There are rumors on the Web that the link analysis method turned off is PageRank itself. However, many find that hard to believe. Even if the rumors prove to be true, websites using high-quality, original, fresh content should have nothing to fear.
  • Local search results have improved. Google has released a new system for finding local results.

What You Need to Do

Google seems committed to improving the search experience for users. One way it does this is helping searchers find fresh and original content faster and with more accuracy. The upcoming updates and improvements will likely continue in the same direction.

Website owners are being told, quite clearly, that to rank well in search engines, they need fresh and original content. Websites with stale, scrapped content need to improve, and fast. Otherwise, they may fall hard in the search results.

To boost your website’s search engine ranking, focus on providing excellent content that keeps visitors returning. Do this and Google will like your website. Start now with our organic SEO services.

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