Article Writing Services

Forums vs. Blogs

If you plan to use article writing services to boost your website’s organic traffic you may be hesitating about which medium to focus on: forums or blogs? Ideally, you should try to promote your business through both. But remember that today, effective online marketing is more about choosing the right medium for your business, rather than just using what everyone else is using.


Forums are the precursors of social media. They are exclusively about the interaction of the members of a community and their exchange of information. Yet right now not many companies build marketing strategies around forums. Perhaps the best reason for this is that forums have been long used as a means to get customer support, and they have been centered on text discussions, which are not that appealing. Although now many forums let users share almost all types of media content, they are still not as efficient for sharing files as social networks. In a way, forums got partially obsoleted by social answer sites like Reddit and Quora.


As one of the most effective ways for companies to share information with consumers, blogs have an advantage over forums – they are more accessible. Nowadays most consumers expect to get a direct response from a company employee, and a blog grants them this. Also, with blogs, readers don’t typically have to register a user account before they can read the content. And then there’s also the RSS feed. RSS enables users to receive new blog posts as updates on their mobile devices.

So Which One Is Best?

It depends on your aims. Blog posts can be easier to deliver to your audience, and they can also be more edifying and more personal. Running a blog is great when you want to inform your customers about new products and services or upcoming events.

Forums, on the other hand, require less company intervention and can be easier to manage. As they foster discussions, they are great for encouraging your customers to form a community. Forum discussions can tell you a lot about what customers need and want.

Ideally, you want to use article writing services to create material for both forums and blogs. But if you must focus your energy in one direction, go with blogs. Forums don’t really compete with blogs but rather complement them. Both mediums are useful and can help you improve your relationship with your customers.