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Enhance Your Website Analytics with Mouseflow

Mouseflow enables you to track the mouse movements of visitors on your site. It can record their session on site and play it back later, as well as help you compare page clicks through heatmaps. Using Mouseflow alongside your website analytics enables you to do more advanced traffic analysis. You can get inside the head of your visitor and study their behavior on site. You can then improve your web design and call to actions placement to increase conversions.

How It Works

Mouseflow works with any kind of website. It doesn’t matter what your website is about, with Mouseflow you can understand your visitors and their needs better. By doing this, you can identify any problems with your design and optimize your site.

To use Mouseflow you have to sign up for a plan. There’s a free plan available that enables you to record 100 sessions a month for one website. It’s a good idea to try this out before committing yourself to one of the paid plans that start at 10€ for 1,000 recorded sessions a month.

You can change the plan at any time, so it’s best to start small and then upgrade as your needs increase.


The visitor session recording and playback feature lets you see all mouse movements, scrolls, clicks, keystrokes, and form interactions for all recorded users, from the moment they hit your site until they leave it. The recording doesn’t have any bad effect on your site – it certainly doesn’t slow it down.

Mouseflow page analysis features are more advanced than what most free web analytics tools offer. They enable you to discover how much time users spend on each page, and more specifically, how much time was actually spent interacting with page elements.

Heatmaps are detailed visual overviews available for page clicks as well as for mouse movements. Heatmaps from different periods can be quickly compared, so that you can gauge the effect of any recent changes you may have made to your site.

Other useful features provided by Mouseflow that you might find useful are link analytics, multiple account users, and viewport maps.

Why Use It

Mouseflow makes traffic analysis intuitive and easy. It’s more convenient and easier to use than conventional analytics that provide. It can help you improve your website, so you may want to try it out.