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Create a Google+ Page for Your Business

Having a Google+ page for your business is good for SEO. To create one, you need to have a personal page. You can then follow the steps below. It’s easy.

1. Choose a Category for Your Business Page

You start by choosing from the available page categories:

Local Business or Place

Pick this if you run a local business such as a store or restaurant. You’ll have to provide the location of the business as well as a phone number. If you’re already featured in Google Places, that information will be taken up automatically by Google Plus.

Product or Brand

If you sell electronics or provide internet services, choose this. Supply info about your business including website, and choose a relevant subcategory.

Company, Institution, or Organization

Pick this if you’re a commercial or non-profit organization or institution. Provide your website address and choose a relevant subcategory, such as Brand.

The two remaining categories Arts, Entertainment, or Sports and Other can be used for pages that don’t fit any of the categories above.

Before moving to the next step, you have to check content settings, which means specifying what age group the page can be displayed to.

2. Customize Your Company’s Public Profile

The next step is customizing your page to reflect your company’s aims.

  1. Add your logo and a 10-word tagline describing your page.
  2. Once you press continue, you are asked to spread the word about your business page through your personal profile. Don’t spread the word yet, since your profile is not finished.
  3. Edit page information through the Edit Profile in the About Tab. Add links, an introduction, and contact information.
  4. Add a Photostrip, which includes the five photos displayed beneath the page name and tagline. You can use five different photos, or a large one cut into five separate portions.

3. Add Content

Your page is now ready. But don’t spread the word about your page (right sidebar option) until you have added some content to your profile: videos, photos, and at least one post. If you don’t have the time to create content yourself, hire a professional article writing service provider to do the job for you.

4. Engage Your Fans

With Google Plus you can follow fans back and add them to Circles. Check Notifications in the left sidebar regularly to learn who has added your business page to their Circles.

There are four default Circles into which you can move your fans: team members (co-workers), VIPs (partners and loyal clients), customers, and following (people you don’t know but would like to follow.)

While you can always create new Circles, it’s best to keep their number low, to be able to manage them easily.

Use default and new Circles to market to specific fans. For example, you can create a Circle for customers in a particular location.

In the end, remember that taking the time to customize and polish your Google+ business page will make it more professional and engaging. After that, you can use more advanced SEO practices and tips.