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BuildMyRank – How Does It Work?

BuildMyRank is a popular link-building service that promises to help you improve your search engine ranking. But how does it work? And, more importantly, is it worth it?


Build My Rank is a private blogging network that offers professional link-building services. Starting at $59 a month, it lets you create high-quality contextual backlinks on blogs up to Page Rank 6. This is how it works.

•    Step One

You create a 150+ words article or hire BuildMyRank writers to do it for you at $2.5 apiece. Alternatively, you can outsource the article writing. For every 150 words, you can add one backlink to your website with an appropriate anchor text. You then submit the article to

•    Step Two

Your article is published on one of the high Page Rank blogs of the Build My Rank network.

•    Step Three

The service creates an RSS feed of the article and submits it to Feedage and other important feed aggregators on the Web. This ensures that your article gets quickly indexed, and creates additional backlinks.

•    Step Four

Next, the article is submitted to up to 75 social media sites such as Twitter and Delicious for extra backlinks.

•    Step Five

Three days later, Build My Rank checks whether the article was indexed. If not, it generates additional backlinks.

BuildMyRank Pros

•    Accepts only high-quality articles

Unlike other link-building services, Build My Rank has high requirements when it comes to the articles it accepts. A real person verifies the articles before they are published.

•    Lets you create an outsource account

You can create outsourcing accounts on Build My Rank for the freelance writers you hire, enabling them to submit the articles for you. This saves you time.

•    Helps you find where your posts are published

Build My Rank helps you locate the blogs your articles end up on and provides information on the Page Rank of the blog in question. This transparency not only makes the link-building service trustworthy but also helps you track your progress more easily.

BuildMyRank Cons

•    Restricts you to link to only one domain per post

You can use only one domain in each post. While you can include a link to any page on that one domain, you cannot link to any other website. What’s more, the $59 a month subscription, which is the lowest, restricts you to 5 domains per account.

Should I BuildMyRank?

BuildMyRank is one of the most professional link-building web services currently available. That said, BuildMyRank does seem to require quite a lot of work in creating interesting articles and submitting them. If you have the resources to do this – it all boils down to hiring freelancers to write content for you – then you can really benefit from using the service.

Right now BuildMyRank offers 10 links for free for trial members.