Are You Ready For Google’s Upcoming Panda And Penguin Updates?

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Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have rocked the SEO world in 2012, leading to the demise of keyword stuffing and artificial link-building strategies. The updates propelled to the top of the search results page websites with top notch content and links that they had accumulated organically, and punished those with unoriginal, spammy, or poor content. Panda and Penguin put emphasis on organic SEO techniques and made it clear that inorganic SEO techniques are not reliable in the long run.

New Panda and Penguin Updates are Coming

Google’s well-known Matt Cutts has recently said during a SMX conference that a new Panda update will be released on March 15th. It will be the second Panda updated released this year, after the one that came on the 22nd of January.

As always, it’s unclear what effects the new update will have, or how many sites will be affected. The Panda update released in January affected about 1.2% of search queries, and it might be that the new one will have a roughly similar impact. But it’s hard to say, and until the update goes live we won’t know for sure. What we do know is that the update will likely be another step taken by Google to promote the ‘good SEO’ made with organic SEO techniques.

But that’s not all. Cutts also mentioned that a massive Penguin update will be soon released. It will likely have a major impact and will be one of the most talked-about algorithm updates in 2013.

What the Updates Mean

Google is keen on improving the user search experience, to remain the world’s most popular and accessible search engine, and perhaps the most accurate as well. The updates are good news for users.

For their part, web masters and website owners should assess the state of their website’s SEO and see what improvements they can make to raise the quality of their content. Site owners who have suffered from previous Penguin or Panda updates will especially want to invest some effort into improving their SEO, else they run the risk of seeing their ranking slump again.

This is probably the best time of the year to hire expert SEO services to help you improve your site before the Panda and Penguin updates kick in and stir the SEO world. Make organic SEO techniques your priority and focus on providing content for people, and you will have nothing to fear.

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