9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid This Year

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Because it’s so fast and fun and easy to use, social media may give the impression that it’s also flippant, that everything is allowed. That’s not the case, especially when it comes to businesses or organizations that use it as a marketing tool. Repeatedly make one of the following mistakes and your social efforts will most likely fail.

    1. Not using your logo consistently across all your social media profiles.

      Obscure profile images make it hard for people to recognize your brand, leading to fewer followers and lower engagement levels.


    1. Hiding behind your brand logo.

      Social media users are more likely to trust and respond to updates provided by a real person with a face than by an impersonal logo. Choose a few ‘social’ employers and let them use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks in your name.


    1. Sharing too much of your content.

      Even when all the content you share has value, it’s still important to share content from experts in your niche or organizations as well. By combining multiple sources you keep the content fresh and make a positive impression – nobody likes people who talk only about themselves.


    1. Posting inconsistently.

      If you set up a posting schedule, your followers will know when to expect new content. Moreover, consistent posting helps to establish you as an expert in your niche, shows that you take social media seriously, and most of all, keeps followers engaged.


    1. Not hosting engaging chats, contests, and discussions.

      All these enable you to communicate with your followers in real time, helping to build familiarity, trust, and increase engagement. Starting a chat or a discussion is as easy as asking an interesting question relevant to your niche.


    1. Failing to interact with other companies in your market.

      By deliberately avoiding rivals, whether they are above or below you in sales and popularity, you can lose valuable opportunities for joint events & campaigns, and sometimes even partnerships. Keep your friends close and your ‘enemies’ even closer.


    1. Not varying your content.

      Text and photos may be the norm, but don’t neglect videos, slideshows, infographics, or PDFs. Creating these takes a bit more time, it’s true, but they keep your content fresh.


    1. Not announcing victories and completed milestones, or announcing them too often.

      Your followers need to learn about your progress, but if you blow the trumpet for every small victory, like being named the 46th best company in a local ranking that included 50 companies, all your achievements will seem trite.


    1. Being active on too many social sites.

      Stick to the essentials, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and a few more, depending on your mission/market. Social media doesn’t cost money but time. Don’t dilute your content to reach all sites – keep it juicy.


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