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9 Contextual Advertising Tips for Better Marketing in 2013

Contextual advertising is becoming more and more personalized, as marketers are now able to gather tons of information about their target audience through social media and other marketing tools. At the same time, retargeting is also becoming more important. If some of your online marketing rests on digital ads, these key contextual advertising tips could help you see better results.

1. Put the better part of your marketing budget into contextual ads

Contextual ads remain the most effective way to advertise online. Of all contextual advertising tips on the list, this is the most important.

2. Focus on creating attention-grabbing Pay-Per-Click ads

This strategy is especially important if you have a particular product or service that you want to advertise.

3. Don’t forget about Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) ads

These ads are useful if you want to advertise a website, corporate blog, or a specific Web page.

4. Trying to understand your audience’s ad behavior

It’s not enough to target a clear demographic. You must know how that demographic uses the web and for what purpose. The more you know about your audience, the more targeted and effective your ads will be.

5. Capture neglected segments on your market by grouping keywords that are not frequently used

This is easier said than done, but the researcher in you will love the task.

6. Divide your contextual adds into separate ad groups based on how much money each requires

Some contextual ads are more expensive than the others. By separating ads, you can better track costs and performance.

7. Include outstanding facts, irresistible calls to action, and positive customer testimonials

These make your ads more compelling. They also make them stand out.

8. Build a keyword list focused on thematic terms

It’s more effective to target keywords that are relevant to each other than it is to target only synonymous terms. Contextual advertising platforms don’t only match keywords, but scan pages for similar content. Building a thematic list requires more research and takes longer, but is worth the trouble.

9. Make retargeting a priority

Retargeting, or displaying again products that customers have viewed but not purchased, remains the most effective way to encourage customers to return to your site and buy the products they have left on their wish list or in their shopping cart. Highlight the discounts available for those products and you may win new customers.

In the end, contextual advertising can boost your sales, but only when you do it right. Apply the contextual advertising tips above and you’ll notice significant results.