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7 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

It’s a good idea to review your social media strategy with each passing year. Start with the biggest and possibly most important social site for your business: Facebook. Here are some effective strategies for increasing your Facebook engagement.

1. Donate Product or Money for Every Like

You can get Facebook page likes by the thousands with a good charitable campaign. For best results, choose a charity that appeals to all your fans, regardless of their age, sex, or nationality. For example, a foundation providing medical treatment to children in underdeveloped countries.

2. Add the Facebook Likes Button to Every New Post You Publish on Your Blog

These days almost all blogs have the button on their homepage, but many still don’t have it on every page. With a CMS like WordPress, this is as easy as installing a plugin.

3. Become an Active Member of Facebook Groups in Your Industry

Join discussions and speak your mind. Offer facts. With an active participation in groups, you will add new Facebook likes to your pages constantly. You will also get more people interested in your page.

4. Cover Hot, Controversial Topics

Add Facebook likes to your business fan page by constantly writing about controversial subjects and encouraging discussions. Provide striking facts, ask contentious questions, write witty comments. Make sure you don’t offend anyone though.

5. Organize Contests

Few things encourage fans to press the Facebook like button more than contests with exciting prizes. Contests not only increase exposure and engagement, but they also improve the image of your brand. To create a social contest easily, check out Shortstack.

6. Trade Facebook Likes for Free Content

There are plugins out there that enable you to lock a download for an e-book, report, or video for all users until they press the like button on your page. Used sparingly, this strategy can be extremely efficient if you want to get Facebook page likes by the score.

7. Create Status Updates That Increase Likes or Shares

For example, you can post an image or a quote and use the message ‘Click Like/Share if you agree.’ This is one of the simplest and most effective strategies for increasing Facebook engagement. When used regularly, it can yield great results.

Finally, remember that a sure way to increase Facebook engagement is to be more active. Post updates at least once a day, at the hours when your audience is most active.