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5 Tips on Web Design – What to Avoid on Your Website

SEO means much more than merely sprinkling keywords through your content. It calls for good article writing and proper web design. Web design is crucial if you expect a constant flow of readers to your site and good engagement levels. Avoid making the following design mistakes, and remember that affordable SEO services can help you better optimize your website all-round.

Use Moving Images Sparingly

Readers are primarily interested in accessing the information you are providing. Animations and other moving images may enhance the user experience, but they can be distracting. They may limit the time users spend on your site, and increase your bounce rates.

Avoid Long Scrolling Pages

Long scrolling pages can discourage readers from reading your content from beginning to end. It may make them just scan it and then move on. Splitting a long web page into two or more interlinking pages is better because it makes it easier for readers to digest the information. So, pay attention to your article writing — keep your articles short and to the point, and avoid lengthy pieces whenever possible.

Use Standard Link Colors

Links that haven’t been clicked should be blue. Links that have been clicked should be purple. Internet users are well used to this convention — if you change the colors, you will confuse them. A bit of innovation with your web design is okay, but not when it comes to well-established conventions such as link colors.

Throw Pop-ups into the Trash

Few things are more annoying on the web than pop-ups. They are so unpleasant that most web browsers have add-ons for blocking them. A website with pop-ups comes across as pushy. Even simple newsletter subscription pop-ups can be annoying. There are better ways to improve a newsletter.

Don’t Play Audio or Video Automatically

The next most irritating thing after pop-ups is media content that starts automatically. Nine times out of ten, you don’t really need to autoplay such content. If you really have to, make sure you add a conspicuous “Play/Stop” button which actually works, so that users can decide for themselves whether they want to see and/or hear it.

In the end, remember that when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, web design is just as important as article writing. To get the best results, seek help from a company that provides affordable SEO services that cover all aspects of website optimization.