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5 SEO Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

The list of free online resources that can help you improve your blog’s SEO is almost endless. But that shouldn’t make SEO daunting. Discover the most effective SEO strategies for giving your blog a big traffic boost.

There’s not much point in highlighting the importance of professional SEO services – you’re probably aware of it already. It’s enough to say that SEO is the most effective method you can use to send traffic to your blog. It can help you convey your message to the right audience.

Even with a sophisticated, data-driven approach, some tried-and-tested SEO tricks will help you stay ahead of the competition without much effort. Keep these in mind when you’re considering this year’s marketing strategy. And don’t forget that the first requirement of SEO always is high-quality content – there’s no shortcut to that.

Link to Interesting Blogs

Sending your readers to relevant blogs that feature top-notch content can help you gain their sympathy. They will appreciate that you’re trying to be helpful. Also, they will feel like you’re in a leading position in your niche and not afraid to link to other websites.

Linking to high-quality content has become extremely important for a blog today. Google really favors those websites that curate authoritative links. But bear in mind that your links should be relevant and worth following.

What’s more, don’t expect to have other blogs link back to you. Most of the time – and especially if your blog is new – that won’t happen.

Insert Keywords in Most of Your Posts

But don’t do it overtly. Great bloggers make sure that all or at least most of their posts include carefully targeted keywords. But they do it subtly, so they don’t come across as pushy. You should follow their example.

The disadvantages of stuffing your articles with keywords are well-known, so no need to dwell on them. Your keywords should not appear more than a few times in an article. Preferably, place them at the beginning, middle, and end of a post.

Put a Keyword in Each Title

But again, refrain from spamming your readers. When your titles contain keywords, it will be easier for people who use Google to find you. This, combined with placing keywords in your articles, is guaranteed to boost your traffic.

However, the truth is that you cannot always insert a keyword in all your titles and still maintain high-quality content. Always put your readers first.

Always Link Back to Older Articles

To boost your page views, insert links to older, relevant posts in all your new articles. By doing this you will encourage your readers to spend more time on your blog. Usually, links to older posts are best placed in the middle and at the end of the article.

Use Better Images

A good post needs a good image. Chances are that you already use images for your blog. But are they eye-catching and memorable, or do they just look good? Pick enticing images that complement your content, and even enhance it.

You don’t need a premium account on iStock to get great images. Just spend more time looking for images on Flickr and other free stock photography sites. Don’t use what everyone else is using, but dig deeper.

We hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more posts on SEO for blogs and small businesses.