Small business apps

5 Popular Smartphone Apps for Small Business Users

Do you run a small business? By installing a few choice apps on your smartphone, you can manage your time better, improve your productivity, and share and store files more quickly. And what’s great is that all these apps work with both iOS and Android devices and are free. Discover them below.

•    Bump (Networking – Free)

A business card scanner is a must-have app for a small business user, and Bump is probably the best one available for free. It enables you to exchange business card information with new contacts just by tapping smartphones together.

•    Dropbox (File Sharing and Storage – Free Basic Account)

One of the best file sharing and storage services ever made, Dropbox enables simple on-the-go file sharing between users. It stands out from other similar services thanks to its intuitive interface and ease of use. Dropbox is ideal for document, report, datasheet, and PDF file sharing.

•    Pocket Informant (Time Management – Paid)

With this accessible app you can set up events and tasks and display them together according to your preferences. It synchronizes Google and Google Tasks, Outlook, and iOS calendars. Additionally, it helps you manage your contacts and notes efficiently.

•    Evernote (Note-taking and Sharing – Free)

An indispensable app for every smartphone user, Evernote lets you quickly take notes, create to do lists, and store content – including images – for future reference. All the things you store can be then easily shared with colleagues or employees. Think of this app like notepad on steroids with sharing features.

A warning: once you get used to Evernote, you won’t be able to live without it.

•    Toggl (Time Tracking and Invoicing – Free)

This app has two uses. It works as a time tracking app for employees, helping to improve productivity by better managing their time. Then it’s also an invoicing solution that enables you to bill customers by the hour. What’s great about it is that it works with the cloud, so that you can easily store records or invoices.

There are many more good smartphone apps for small business users out there, both free and premium, so do check the app stores!