5 Major SEO Trends for 2013

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SEO is in a continual state of transformation. Searchers’ habits, search engine algorithms, search optimization techniques, they all change all the time. SEO is dynamic and those who understand that and keep working on optimizing their websites will claim the top search engine rankings. Here’s a selection of major SEO trends to expect next year, based on the key SEO trends that have emerged this year.

•    Google+ Integration Will Become More Important

Google+ has already been integrated into search results: Google+ posts are quickly picked up and pluses are also promoted by search engines (Google at least). In 2013 the social media platform is set to become even more important, so much so that even those search engine marketers who until now could afford not to use Google+ because they did well on Facebook or Twitter will have to embrace it.

•    Press Releases Will Boost Credibility More than Other Types of Content

Not only have press releases surpassed articles published on article directories in terms of value, but for many websites, press releases are just as important as blog posts. That’s because press releases serve two purposes at the same time: first, they feed media channels fresh information, which search engines eagerly pick up; second, they convert targeted traffic, directing prospective customers to product pages.

•    Video Optimization Will Become Necessary

More and more companies use YouTube videos to provide insights into their operations, to introduce their staff to customers, to provide practical how to guides, to promote their hottest products and services, etc. YouTube is already one of the world’s leading search engines. To do effective video marketing next year, pay attention to the content, titles, description, categories, and channels of your videos.

•    Pinterest and Similar Visually-oriented Social Media Sites Will Become Increasingly Valuable

Why? Users and search engines just love them. They feature loads of high-quality, fresh content. And they are also well designed and optimized for search engines. Pinterest is different from Facebook or Google+, which means that even if you use the latter two effectively you should not ignore it. You need it.

•    The Focus Will be on Organic Search Marketing

PPC campaigns will still bring in many customers to many websites, but organic SEO will often have the higher conversion rates. And it will be the most effective long-term strategy in terms of both sales and price, as Google algorithm updates will continue to push fresh websites packed with original, useful content to the top of the rankings.

In conclusion, if you want Google, Bing, and other search engines to rank your website well next year, invest in onsite SEO, social media marketing via Pinterest and Google+ (alongside the social networks you’re already using), video optimization, and the creation of press releases.

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