13 Ways to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate

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Your website’s conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors who make a purchase. Traffic is crucial for any site on the Web, but for businesses, organizations, and even bloggers who try to make their visitors answer a call to action, the conversion rate is equally important. If your website has traffic but makes relatively few sales, the tips below will help you up your conversion rate.

  1. Improve the headlines, making them more concise and changing their placement so that they are more visible. Concise headlines that use keywords and have an urgent call to action are the most effective.
  2. Make your call to action buttons red to add a sense of urgency and encourage more visitors to click them. As a rule, red-colored buttons tend to get more clicks than other buttons, especially when they are accompanied by text that urges visitors to click, or by a countdown.
  3. Add product videos to the product page. Make sure the videos are of high-quality, short, and feature a call to action at the end.
  4. Implement comments and product reviews, preferably on every product and services page. You should also add a page dedicated to testimonials with real customer photos.
  5. Put trust seals on your site. Web users are more likely to answer the call to action on a site that features security and payment seals on the homepage and in the footer or sidebar. Seals like Virus Free, Hacker Safe, and Visa / MasterCard Approved are especially effective.
  6. Streamline the design of your website, making it simpler and more accessible. For best results use a professional web design/graphic design services provider that follows usability best-practices.
  7. Use convenient payment methods. Debit and credit cards are usually the norm, but many consumers will feel more at ease if they can use PayPal and other e-wallet solutions that protect their credit card information.
  8. Offer a fast checkout process that doesn’t require users to register an account. Consumers are more likely to buy from you if you offer them a single-page checkout.
  9. Simplify your contact forms and all other forms in general.
  10. Use professional article writing and SEO services. The consistent use of keywords in headlines and text body makes the content more clear and to the point, which in turn makes your call to action more persuasive.
  11. Create product galleries that feature high-quality photos.
  12. Use numbered lists or bullet points to showcase the benefits of your product or service.
  13. Implement a live chat and make it available daily. E-commerce sites that need to offer customer support before, during, or after the checkout process can benefit from offering a live chat option, which is more straightforward than ‘send us an email at…’

In the end remember that web design plays a huge part when it comes to business sites – if your site feels and looks outdated, visitors will flee the moment they see it. Invest in good quality web design.

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