10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015 You Can’t Ignore

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With the growing adoption of mobile devices and the prevalence of social media in our lives, digital marketing this year will likely focus on precisely what these two technologies facilitate: social interaction. Whether you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, let the following digital marketing trends for this year inspire you into reassessing your marketing efforts, making improvements where they are due, and broaden your business horizon.

  • Brands turn content creation into an ongoing, dynamic process, focusing on generating empathy through content that is more humane, more personal than ever before.
  • Content becomes more diversified. To tell compelling stories and create empathy, brands will use images, videos, slideshows, and other types of visual content, not confining themselves merely to updates and articles.
  • Content distribution becomes as important as content production even for smaller businesses — since everyone’s producing content, publishers who want to be read must optimize content delivery, to make it easier for their customers and followers to devour content without suffering a virtual constipation.
  • To deal with the content overload, many marketers will go back to basics and rediscover who their target audience is and what it wants and what it doesn’t.
  • Marketers who relentlessly try to pitch and sell without offering anything of value for free will be totally ignored.
  • Answering customer questions and responding to negative feedback through social channels becomes increasingly important for businesses that want to show that they really care. In a way, it can be an effective marketing strategy in itself, in that satisfied customers will likely spread the word about their positive experience, bringing in more shares and likes.
  • Digital marketing as a whole becomes less of a strategy and more of an approach to connecting and engaging with people, as well as retaining their interest once they are engaged. More than ever, digital marketing will try to excite and inspire prospects, rather than just persuade them to buy.
  • In its effort to become more humane, online marketing will become more playful and humorous, with marketers trying hard to make prospects smile, especially through funny images and videos.
  • Companies that want to get noticed will focus their digital marketing efforts on visual storytelling through a mix of different media and channels.
  • More calls to action will be specifically tailored for mobile-ready consumers, who can now use their devices to take action in the moment, without having to remember the interesting products, brands, or offers they hear about until they get home to their computer.

One thing’s clear — this will be a busy year for marketers.

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